Bamboo Pulp Clamshell Packaging Box

bamboo pulp containers are made from compressed unbleached bamboo pulp.bamboo pulp hamburger box is eco-friendly & compostable

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Bamboo Pulp Rectangle Clamshell lunch box 

Our Rectangle clamshell lunch box  is made from 100 percent sustainable and renewable bamboo pulp. Material is gluten free, made from the bamboo. They are an environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic or Styrofoam, which contain non-biodegradable and petroleum derived materials or paper.They are compostable in either an industrial composting facility (1-6 months) or a home compost (up to 12 months). They are built sturdy, from 100 percent environmentally beneficial natural, renewable plant fibers. Microwave safe and oil/liquid and cut resistant. These are perfect for food service industry - restaurants for take out or To-Go orders and fast food places , as well as institutional cafeterias, schools, universities, hospitals and government facility lunch rooms.

1.BPI certified compostable

2.Freezer safe

3.Microwave safe


Model NO:EB-B5975


 Bmboo pulp rectangle clamshell lunch box
220L x 155W x 75H mm
Featurecompostable & biodegradable & eco-friendly
materialbaboo pulp 

lunch box

hamburger box

bamboo plup box

Packaing box

Take-away box

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