Bamboo Pulp Clamshell Take-away Box

bamboo pulp containers are made from compressed unbleached bamboo pulp.bamboo pulp hamburger box is eco-friendly & compostable

Product Details

100% compostable 8/9 inch natural bamboo pulp clamshell Take-away box

Biodegradable 8inch / 9 inch take Out Food Containers with Clamshell bamboo pulp packing box is geat for Restaurant Carryout or Party Take Home Boxes.clamshell Take-away box is suitable for 1.Microwaveable, Disposable Takeout Box to Carry Meals ToGo.

Sturdy tablewares---bamboo pulp containers are also eco-friendly conscious, can put some food on it ,like meat, rice,vegetable ......., Save yourself the trouble of a wet, leaky paper mess!

2.sustainable and Eco-friendly. Leak proof, food safe.

3.compostable ´╝îbiodegradable and disposable 

Model No:EB-B6202


8/9 inch Bmboo pulp clamshell take-away box
8inch 9cin
Featurecompostable & biodegradable & eco-friendly
materialbaboo pulp 

Take-away box

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