Reusable Handmade Ceramic Drinking Straws

ceramic drinking straws is reusable, Beautiful handmade ceramic straws, charming and thoughtful. I prefer ceramic straws over stainless steel straws for made from ceramic .

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Reusable handmade ceramic drinking straws


ceramic drinking straw benefits :Made from 100% ceramic  Reusable and beautiful.  Wash ceramic straw with Water.

ceramic straws is suitable for any drinks. taking the straws which can be kept in the storage pouch. When you go trval or go for any parties, even when you buy a milk from outside, you can use our straws which are more eco-friendly. ceramic straws are flexible and resistant. it is safe for children.

Model No.:EB-B5649
Packagingcarton box


1) Eco-friendly,  durable and cheap, versatility,dishwasher safe and no plastic

2) Green and Environmental Protection, Low Cadmium, passed SGS

3)OEM& ODM orders are welcome

Ceramic Drinking Straws

Reusable Ceramic Drinking Straws

CEO Ceramic Drinking Straws

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