Colored stainless steel straw

Metal Drinking Straw SetsMetal Drinking Straw Set includes stainless steel and food grade silicone straws and one straw brush.Straw is the perfect size for most beverages Safe, flexible silicone tip is removable and easy to clean.

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Wholesale Colored Metal Stainless Steel Straw

    Metal Drinking Straw SetsMetal Drinking Straw Set includes stainless steel and food grade silicone straws and one straw brush.Straw is the perfect size for most beverages Safe, flexible silicone tip is removable and easy to clean.Great for smoothies, pressed juice, iced coffee or water all while saving the planet from plastic straw waste. steel straw with a safe, food grade, silicone flex tip. Comes with straw brush to easily clean and maintain the straw, made from stainless steel and natural palm fiber bristles to make it easy to go from juice to water to iced coffee.

    These removable thick and soft silicone tips will protect your lips and teeth, make it feel like a normal straw and more comfortable to sleep cold or hot drinks.

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   Metal straw benefits :Made from 100% food grade stainless steel, FDA approved, BPA free.Reusable and environmentally friendly, non metal aftertaste.Care & Cleaning: Wash with Water, Dishwasher-safe top rack only, Do Not Microwave.

   silicone straws is suitable for any drinks. taking the straws which can be kept in the storage pouch. When you go picnic or go for any parties, even when you buy a coffee from outside, you can use our straws which are more eco-friendly. The silicone straws are flexible and resistant. The silicone straws are made of natural food grade silicone which is safe for children.

Model No:EB-B6224


1.metal straw is safely Made from 100% food grade stainless steel,

2.Reusable and eco-friendly, no metal aftertaste

3.Easy to clean 


steel straw set

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