100% Compostable PLA Cutlery Combo Set

Eco friendly utensils is made by PLA material ,it is healthy and safely,it can take the place of plastic cutlery.

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100% Compostable 7in Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery Combo Set /Disposable Utensils

Eco friendly utensils  is made by PLA material ,it is healthy and safely,it can take the place of plastic cutlery.compostable fork/spoon/knives is so popular in market.you can find it in any occasion like : Camping, Picnics, Lunches, Catering, BBQs, Party, Wedding and Restaurants.

Our large compostable Forks(160)Knives (160) and Spoons (160) - allows for a firm grip while cutting or scooping through tough foods. We also provide a complementary recyclable tray for easy storing and displaying at parties or events.

 Our unique process creates disposable eco friendly forks (160), spoons (160) and knives (160) with a premium matte finish designed to be durable and hot food friendly up to 212 °F! They give you that unmatched high quality feel without absorbing hot liquids or softening like disposable wooden cutlery.  you don’t have to cut one down to provide elegantly durable utensils. Can even take a beating in the dishwasher.

This renewable resource (plant) is grown .No BPA, Chlorine or Toxic Chemicals that may be found in disposable plastic utensils. No Risk of Splinters or Popsicle after taste while eating or tasting like with Wooden Utensils.

Disposable Composable Cutlery Feature:

1.Eco Friendly Test / BPI Certified 100% Compostable

2.All Natural Plant Based and healthy

3. Large Sturdy Utensils With High Heat Resistance

4. Convenient cutlery

5.make by plant(PLA material)

MaterialPLA material
Model No:EB-B5913
sizefork :16.5cm,spoon:16.5.knife:16.5(7inch)
Min. Order100000pieces
Transport PackageCarton Box

Compostable Forks


Eco Friendly Cutlery


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