Disposable Compostable 32 Oz PLA Cup

14/16oz PLA Cup is made by natural plant ,it is great for party use ,when we hold a party ,we always worried the tablewares .if we use plastic ,we will feel guilty if we discarded,because it is harmful for the earth .while if we use resuable tablewares ,it is so many tablewares to wash when the...

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Disposable Compostable 32 oz PLA Cup

Ideal for green salads, fruit salads, and other ample takeout orders, these food storage containers are a sturdy and dependable choice for cafes, delis, and bistros. These convenient food containers offer a convenient and nature-friendly way to store takeout and to-go orders. Made from PLA compostable plastic, these deli containers are an environmentally conscious way to store food while limiting your carbon footprint.


Conveient and Dependable : Ideal for salads, fruit, sushi, and other food orders, these takeout containers are sturdy and dependable.

Made from Nature Plant  :Made from PLA compostable plastic, these containers are a nature-friendly way to serve up to go orders while limiting your carbon footprint.

Perfect Size:These 32 ounce plastic containers making them perfect for holding and storing food.

Made For Cold Foods :Ideal for salads, fruit, and other snacks, these containers hold in cold foods of all kinds.

Name 32 oz Pla Party Cup
Model No:EB-B6088
Capacity32 oz 
Application salads fruit sushi 



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