5 Inch Sugarcane Bagasse Fiber Round Plate

Our plant fiber based products are now made from sugarcane (bagasse) and wheatstraw fiber.

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100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable sugarcane bagasse fiber 5 Inch plate 

     When you need something disposable, like a container or bag for a party, green event, school lunch, or even a quick snack on the go, choosing a compostable option over plastic is a better way to reduce the burden on landfills.Ebei offers compostable versions of items like plastic plates, forks, knives, cups, bags, storage and more. Waste less and reduce your global impact by using compostable cups and lids, plates, utensils, and even plastic bag replacements. These compostable products are made from renewable resources such as corn, bamboo, and bagasse sugarcane, and (not petroleum). Once you’ve used them, the only difference you will see is in the reduction of waste and a guilt-free feeling, because these products are completely biodegradable and made from renewable sustainable materials! When you need the convenience of disposable items, do the earth (and your conscious) a favor and choose compostable.

    Our plant fiber based products are now made from sugarcane (bagasse) and wheatstraw fiber. Sugarcane and wheatstraw are not only annually renewable resources, but can also be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. Bagasse is the sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from sugarcane and the wheatstraw is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted. We use these byproducts to make compostable tableware.

    Bagasse fiber plate microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items

have no plastic or wax lining

Model No:EB-B5789

5 inch 40*27*39cm
Featurecompostable ,dispostable 
deliveryafter order10-25day

5inch PLATE - striped edge

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