Folding Butterfly Bamboo Hamper

material :bamboo frame & cotton Dimensions: 50*43*60cm

Product Details

X style bamboo hamper is made of Natural Bamboo - Includes Machine Washable Cotton Canvas Liner - Lightweight for Easy Transportation

The light weight design allows you to easily transport the hamper to the washing machine

Bamboo is easily renewable, so its an environmentally friendly material

The beautiful and attractive design of the hamper adds to any room in the house instead of taking away like most clothes hampers

Includes removable and machine washable laundry bag (canvas liners) for easy transport to washing machine

Model No:EB-B6102

Dimensions: 50*43*60cm

Keep your laundry neat and organized with the home bamboo hamper. This lightweight and compact hamper is made from rapidly renewable bamboo and includes a removable cotton canvas liner with handles. This hamper adds a decorative touch to your bathroom, bedroom or laundry room.

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