Sports Gym Towel

Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, bed bug resistance, and deodorizing properties. You won't worry about bed bugs getting onto your bamboo blanket anymore. Extremely resistant to mold, fungus or bacteria buildup on the blanket compare to cotton.

Product Details

Material: The microfiber sports gym towel is made of 100% bamboo fiber

Multi-purpose: The microfiber fitness sweat towels are great for hiking, swimming, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. Engineered for exceptional performance and durability
Soft and Absorbent: This travel towel is made of microfiber, super soft than ordinary towel. Unique terry texture design can absorb more water than flat towel.The microfiber technology in these ensures greatest absorption for your workout! It is also highly durable because of the quality and has a comfortable feel as well
Lightweight and Space saving: The workout towels are lightweight and compact. Easy to bring on your travel, hiking or camping and doesn't take much space in your bag
Durable: up to 500 times washing. Please wash it separately before first use especially for dark color
Model No.:EB-B6346


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