Customized Bamboo Wall Paneling For Sale

Bamboo Paneling is sold in 4' Tall x 8' Wide rolls and is about 2.5mm Thick.

Product Details

customized Bamboo Wall Paneling for sale Our  wainscot bamboo wall cover is great for walls or ceilings. It is delivered  in rolled form, providing  flexibility in shipping and installing. The bamboo wallpaper cover is constructed with thin, flat, natural bamboo.  The slats comes  in 1/2" wide and 1/16" thick, with a cotton net backing.




 1. Made in fujian province.


 2. Comfortable to touch and beautifully look.


 3. 100% natural bamboo Recyclable, decomposable, no noxious gas when incinerating


 4. No Formaldehyde, No Azo-dye. It will not cause allergy nor noxious.


 5. Stays long under normal condition.


 6. Water resistance, Water color fastness 

Model No:EB-B5880

Bamboo Paneling for sale

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