Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Desktop Bin

Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Desktop Bin is waterproof, of high strength, non-flammable and non-fragile. Featured as heat-resistance, water-proof, non-fragile, non-toxic, higher strength than traditional plastic one. OEM are welcome

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Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Desktop Bin   

   The environmentally friendly bamboo fiber bread storage box has a variety of names, called bamboo fiber stackable bread cake storage bucket; it can also be called biodegradable bamboo fiber bread box,

bamboo fiber bread box is produced in China, China has a large number of quality suppliers.

   Bamboo Fiber Desktop Bin  is made of a very unique bamboo fiber material that is environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight. This material is environmentally friendly. In addition to the attractive base, this bread box can be fitted with a bamboo cover as needed, and can be used as a cutting board. The bamboo bread box features a cleverly designed multifunctional wooden cover: one side is flat, used as a sealing cover, and the other side Use a ridge to serve as a bread cutting board. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. This storage box is widely used in the kitchen. Small capacity is great enough to store bread, hot dogs, etc. Small enough to take up less space. The Bamboo Fiber Desktop Bin is also a high quality and unique gift.

    Bamboo Fiber Bread Box Bin.This product is made from bamboo fibre which is a highly renewable material. The bread bin is designed with a great capacity to hold various sizes of bread, cakes and bakes. 

Made from strong eco-friendly bamboo fibre.Bamboo Fiber Bread Box Bin have Strong and durable with dishwasher safe body.Bamboo Fiber Bread Box Bin can  hold various sizes of bread, cakes and bakes


bamboo fiber fiber desktop bin
Model No:EB-B6230


bamboo fiber




desktop bin


Featurebiodegradable eco-friendly
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