Personalized Wooden Bamboo Postcards

Personalized Wooden Postcards is made by wooden,it is speacial grift for your friends on birthday.can be customize .

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Personalized Wooden Postcards for Birthdays/Anniversaries/Holidays

The Carve Your Own Card is made from a soft cedar wood which can be easily inscribed using a key or another pointy implement. We'll leave the message up to you, but if you're lacking inspiration; Cupid's Arrow, piercing a heart with the initials of you and your loved one should to the trick. Flip it over and on the reverse you'll see a space for a longer message and for the address of the recipient; you can inscribe this area as well, although we recommend writing an address in biro, or something a little more legible.

Send a personalized postcard to someone special any time of the year´╝îbamboo postcard thickness of 0.9mm ---1.5mm

Pick from 3 different designs perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, an anniversary, or a birthday.

Laser engraved from your choice of high-quality bamboo, laminated cherry wood, or laminated maple wood.

Personalization makes any gift truly special to give to someone you love. Input a To, From, and your own custom message.

made of the same material chosen for the postcard, for easy display on a mantle, counter or tabletop for everyone to cherish.

Model No:EB-B5864

Invitation Card

bamboo card

bamboo invitation

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