Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad

Made of Bamboo Ergonomic Design: The traditional manual craft, elaborate design,take care of health, simply adjust the angle.

Product Details

Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad Double Cooling Fans for Notebook

Item Name:Double Cooling Fans for Notebook/ Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad
Small Size:26*35*5cm; 
Middle Size: 28*38*5cm;
Big Size:28*42*5cm

Bamboo grows from one to four feet a day, faster than any other woody plant. A sustainable resource and a member of the grass family, bamboo flourishes in natural environments without irrigation. A bamboo plant grows back and can be harvested again every three to four years. 

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Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad 2.jpg

Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad 3.jpg

Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad 4.jpg

Bamboo is a remarkable natural resource for several reasons
1). Hard wood takes 30-50 years to mature, while bamboo reaches maturity in 3-5 years.
2). The same square footage of bamboo produces more oxygen than many tree varieties.
3). Bamboo grow at a rapid speed without any fertilizers, it can grow up to 2-3 feet in a day until it reach nearly 100feets.
4). Due to the durability of bamboo plants, no pesticides or chemicals are needed to encourage the maturation process, and they require much less water than trees.
5). Bamboo products decompose into a completely reusable and nutrient-rich composted soil.

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