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Compostable Cornstarch Shopping Bag

Aug 06, 2019

Thai supermarkets use banana leaves instead of plastic packaging!Environmental pollution is an urgent issue that is affecting us all.In recent years, methods around the world to reduce plastic pollution have been sought.

Recently, the Thai supermarket chain seems to have found a smart,And simple and effective methods to reduce the use of plastic products.A supermarket chain in Chiang Mai, Thailand, became popular on FaceBook.

They use banana leaves to wrap and sell fresh produce, which has attracted the attention of netizens around the world!

There are many advantages to using banana leaves instead of plastic packaging: banana leaves are easy to compost,Unlike plastic products, it takes hundreds of years to completely decompose.

It can also increase soil fertility after composting. Do you like this "green" packaging?


Reduce plastic pollution, except for green packaging,The shopping bag garbage bag can be made into a shopping bag made of corn starch. The shopping bag is environmentally degradable, and can be decomposed in the state of composting, and finally dissolved into the soil, and naturally comes to nature.

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