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100% Compostable bamboo fiber shopping tote bags

Oct 24, 2019

In the daily use of plastic products, plastic bags are used most frequently and have the largest usage. Supermarket shopping requires plastic shopping bags; new picnics require plastic bags for post-meal products; products require plastic bags for packaging; fast food packaging requires plastic bags; A tote bag is required to buy a bottle of water on the roadside. A large number of disposable non-degradable plastic bags are used every day. After all, the plastic bags are discarded randomly. The non-degradable plastic bags flow into the sea and are eaten by marine animals. The plastic bags are discarded in the soil. It can be completely degraded in a hundred years, so in a short period of time, plastic products are all accumulated in the soil. Therefore, the use of degradable plastic bags has become an act we actively advocate.

In recent years, degradable plastic bags have been continuously developed. There are plastic bags made of bamboo fiber, handbags made of PLA materials, shopping bags, and even dog bags are made of environmentally friendly materials, whether it is bamboo fiber materials. Or PLA non-woven materials are environmentally friendly and degradable relative to plastic materials. They have good load-bearing capacity and good air permeability.

These environmentally-friendly degradable plastic bags are widely used as shopping bags, tote bags, fast food straps, dog toilet bags, etc.

Tote bag

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