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Biodegradable Compostable Tableware

Aug 08, 2019

It is estimated that:More than 6.4 million tons of garbage enter the ocean every year. 80% of marine debris comes from land. Among the land waste, the largest proportion is food packaging and plastic bags. Another 20% comes from maritime activities, such as garbage discarded on cruise ships, abandoned fishing nets, etc.

Maybe one day, we will be the last straw to crush the earth. Don't let our home become a "plastic planet", start with every environmental initiative!

Incarnation of environmental protection guards, use of degradable tableware straws in daily life, these degradable tableware, raw materials are bamboo, bamboo pulp, corn starch, sugar cane bagasse, etc. The raw materials are environmentally degradable compostable, for a period of time It can be degraded without causing environmental pollution. Let us act under the global environmental storm.