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Degradable eco-friendly flower pot

Jul 19, 2019

At present, the types of flower pots on the market mainly include wooden flower pots, clay pots, porcelain pots, and plastic pots. Although the wooden flower pots are light, they are not colorful. The mud pots and porcelain pots are breathable and beautiful, but they are too heavy and the price is high. The plastic pots have poor air permeability and are easy to pollute the environment. Degradable flower pots overcome the above disadvantages.

First, the product overview

This product is made of plant fiber such as straw, wheat straw, corn cob, corn stover, etc. It is a green flower pot.

Second, product features

1. The flower pot can be degraded after being discarded, and does not pollute the environment.

2. The plant fiber itself has a part of fertilizer that can be slowly released into the soil for plant growth.

3, good ventilation, conducive to flower growth.

4, light, bright colors, stylish and beautiful.

5, the price is low, ordinary consumers can accept.

flower pot wood