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Eco-friendly Compostable Bamboo PLA Mug

Aug 13, 2019

According to reports, in order to reduce the pollution caused by waste plastics to the city, at the initiative of the Italian city of Rome,


The Roman bus system introduced a policy to change tickets for discarded plastic bottles. In order to increase the recycling of waste plastic bottles,The City of Rome also specializes in the production of intelligent waste plastic bottles recycling bins, which are placed at subway stations and stations.

Passengers only need to put the discarded plastic bottles into the recycling bin and exchange the tickets through the mobile phone.


Such measures do play a certain role in environmental pollution. We can trace back to the source, prohibiting the use of plastic products from the source, and can replace plastic products by using environmentally friendly bamboo products and degradable PLA products.

The invention of bamboo thermos cup, degradable corn starch and cork cup can replace plastic bottles and protect the environment.

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