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Sep 05, 2019

"When you buy a glass of ice latte, you will use a straw. When you want to drink a cup of milk tea, you will use a straw. When you get a glass of juice, you also need a straw... Once we start observing ourselves In daily life, you will find that plastic straws have become a daily necessity.

but! ! !

plastic drinking straws

The world has set off a wave of plastics, and countries around the world have launched the "last plastic pipette" campaign.

More and more organizations are busy "blocking" plastic straws...

What is the use of drinking tea? What is the use of coffee? What do you need to drink juice? No need for disposable plastic straws, what do we drink for drinks? do not worry! There are already many environmentally friendly straws that can replace plastic straws!

paper drinking straws

The colorful paper drinking straws is the first to replace the plastic straw. It is made of food contact pulp, safe and non-toxic, and exquisite and beautiful! It can be naturally degraded in 3-4 months after use, effectively reducing white pollution. It is a very good choice to hold a party with it.

PLA drinking straws

After enjoying the paper drinking straws, take a look at this drinking straw that will disappear in 45 days – PLA Biodegradable Straw! It is extracted from corn starch and can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide in 45 days under compostable conditions, 100% perfect degradation!

glass drinking straws

The glass straw is  made of high borosilicate glass. It can be selected in a variety of colors. The style is curved and straight. You can choose not only drinking, but also have high quality. It is very beautiful.

stainless steel straws

The stainless steel straw is made of 304 stainless steel,safe and environmentally friendly. The unique metallic luster of stainless steel is really beautiful to burst, and the beauty is suffocating! Just use it to drink water and feel like you are shining!

what? You said that the stainless steel straw is too hard and scratches your mouth! The stainless steel straw tube is round and can perfectly fit your cherry mouth. It is safe and durable and does not hurt your mouth!

bamboo drinking straws

Finally, the recommended straw is “long” from the ground!

That's right! It is a bamboo drinking straw, which is made of original bamboo. The bamboo raw materials have been drained and carbonized. The baby can rest assured that there will be no break or water leakage during use!

Drink water? Drinking tea? Drink soy milk? All contractors! After each use, it only needs to be rinsed with water, which is very convenient. It is worth mentioning that! ! ! In the process of using, you can also smell the fragrance of bamboo!

How are these environmentally friendly straws superb? Not only environmental protection but also very beautiful and beautiful! If it is you, which straw do you choose? Or do you have more creative environmental straws?