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Furniture is made of bamboo sheets what are the benefits?

Oct 20, 2016

What are the advantages of furniture is made of bamboo sheets? With the popularity and widespread use of bamboo furniture, bamboo shoe racks, bamboo furniture, bamboo cabinets, bamboo racks, bamboo shoe bench and other characteristics of the product to cheap, won the favor of consumers and make a purchase, bamboo plate this new material has attracted people's attention.

Bamboo plate is a high quality piece of furniture plate, comparable to expensive solid wood, more uniform material, physical and mechanical superiority, why do you say that? Because bamboo plates are small dried, solid Board is a general drying, bamboo water more evenly than the wood and shrink less. Bamboo is the hardness of all plants in the world, made of bamboo furniture solid wood panels are waterproof and crack. Planks are straight fibers, not easy to distort. Wood fiber fault case complex, it is easy to distort. Difference between wood pattern and straight, more difficult to achieve good overall visual effect, bamboo is not enough in this regard.