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restriction of plastic bags

Aug 29, 2019

Because of the ease of use of plastic straws and some of the characteristics of plastic. Various restaurants and tea shops are very common. However, recently, the world has issued a restriction of plastic bags. The spear head directly points to the plastic straw. Why should it be specifically designed for plastic straws? Because the straw is small in size, it is difficult to be grabbed by the garbage disposer, and eventually it can only go to the landfill or float in the ocean. Plastic straws floating in the ocean are likely to be swallowed by marine animals or cause harm to them. Although it is only a small straw, it seems that it is not so easy to make a real change and completely abandon it. So what should we do?Can't throw up the straw, what should I do?

 plastic straws

Try the straw straw, which is made from natural wheat straw. In any ecological environment in a short time

It can be degraded, and under the global environmental storm, it can also drink without any concern.

Disposable Wheat Straw