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Save marine life, starting with a straw

Jul 26, 2019

Don't let marine plastic garbage exceed fish! Save more lives, starting with a degradable bamboo straw!

According to the statistics´╝Ü

About 13 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year. These plastic garbage are threatening the lives of marine animals.


Seals trapped by fishing nets, mistakenly take the cigarette butts as food chicks, and eat plastic turtles.

These facts tell us that plastic pollution is really very serious!


Seeing the harm caused by plastic pollution can not help but feel heartbreaking. It is imperative to reduce the use of plastic products.


Then, start with the little things around you! Reduce the use of plastic products,


Such as: the disposable plastic straw is replaced by a degradable bamboo straw, which is made of natural bamboo straw.


After being discarded, it can be degraded in a short time and reduce plastic pollution.