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Which Biodegradable straw will you choose

May 23, 2019

Because plastic straw pollute the environment, and the amount of use is relatively large, it is more important that it cannot be degraded, and plastic products have certain harm to the human body. Many countries have long banned the use of plastic straw, but many people have a problem, if you do not use plastic straws, what to replace in the future? Of course, there are plenty of plastic straw replacements. Let's take a look at several alternatives to plastic straw. In fact, these are more environmentally friendly and healthy than plastic straw. If you choose, the following five plastic straw are replaced. What kind of product get into you prefer?

  1.  Paper straw that has appeared in many places is the same as plastic straw. There are many places where paper straw is used. However, paper straw has almost no harm to the human body, can be degraded and recycled, and paper straw is light. Compared with other straw, the product value is low and the price is reasonable. Now it is quite popular with the milk tea coffee shop. There are multiple patterns to choose from and can be customized.


2. Stainless steel straw, made of stainless steel, can be reused, there are multiple colors to choose from, there are two styles of binding and straight, more firm than the paper straw, not easily damaged. Equipped with a straw brush for cleaning.


3. Glass straws, compared with stainless steel pipette, the glass habit is best to clean, and it is more hygienic and convenient to use. The glass pipette is made of high borosilicate glass, but it is basically harmless to the human body. Mainly transparent color, now a variety of colors have been modified, the shape still has two shapes of straight and curved.

Drinking Straw Art

4. Bamboo straw ,The use rate of bamboo straw and bamboo straw is higher than other ones. Bamboo straws are composed of 100% bamboo, which can be made into different calibers. It is expected to be very convenient and can be carried with you. It is very good to clean and Convenient. Bamboo is a degradable, environmentally friendly material. Bamboo has a short growth cycle and abundant raw materials. The bamboo straw is a cost-effective straw.

bamboo straw

5. Silicone straw, made of silica gel material, has high flexibility and can be folded at will, easy to carry. It is equally a straw that is degradable and reusable. Available in multiple styles and colors

silicone straw