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Why are bamboo products more and more popular

Jul 09, 2019

First of all, bamboo products are widely used, natural and environmentally friendly. Bamboo can be used in 3-4 years. A bamboo takes only 59 days. China has abundant bamboo resources and is now the largest exporter of bamboo products. Effective measures to protect forest resources.


Secondly, the bamboo material adopts natural resin glue in the splicing and setting, which avoids the harm of formaldehyde to the human body, and the bamboo furniture made of carbonized bamboo has the function of environmental protection and cleaning, can effectively remove the harmful components in the air and improve the air of the family.


Modern bamboo furniture is made of new technology, so the material is hard, high density, high wear and scratch resistance, good waterproof, hard, water swelling and drying shrinkage coefficient, not easy to deform and crack and other physical characteristics, Bamboo also has the ability to soundproof.


In the process of production and processing, high-temperature cooking and carbonization of bamboo materials have eliminated the parasitic eggs in bamboo, and removed nutrients such as sugar, fat, starch and protein, so that the eggs have no growing environment, so they have superior insect-proof and anti-insect Moldy ability.


Furthermore, bamboo has a small growth radius and is less affected by sunlight. There is no obvious difference between the yin and yang. Therefore, the bamboo products processed from high-quality bamboo have natural bamboo patterns, and the color is well-balanced and has a simple and elegant temperament.


In addition, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption properties are high. In the hot summer, it sits on the cool and sweaty, and in winter it has a warm feeling.    

storage rack


After different carbonization treatments in modern technology, bamboo furniture generally has three colors: luxurious and quaint teak color, natural and easy-going charcoal color, and elegant and elegant walnut color. These three colors combined with natural bamboo patterns have become the masterpiece of modern bamboo furniture. .


The development of modern bamboo products, bamboo products have made great contributions to the protection of forest resources. With the continuous enrichment of bamboo products, more and more people favor bamboo products, and environmentally degradable bamboo products will be increasingly sought after by consumers.

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