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why choose bamboo straw

Mar 05, 2019

Non-biodegradable plastics have been polluted into our environment, and plastic bottles that have been thrown away can take hundreds of years to degrade, and hundreds of millions of clinker straws are discarded every day to protect the environment against plastics. Practice energy conservation and environmental protection, bamboo straws become the most suitable substitute for plastic straws. At the Chicago show in March, green and renewable bamboo products occupied most of the market, and the concept of green environmental protection gradually became popular among people. Bamboo products were also widely favored at home and abroad.

bamboo straws wholesale

Bamboo straws can replace plastic straws. They have all the other advantages of plastic straws. From the perspective of materials, bamboo grows very fast. Bamboo has a short growth cycle, fast material extraction, low bamboo growth environment, and bamboo. Any fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are needed because of its natural antibacterial properties. After the harvesting process, the roots of the bamboo remain underground to maintain soil nutrients and prevent soil erosion. Due to this natural property, bamboo has become the preferred alternative. In addition, bamboo straws are reusable and biodegradable. Bamboo straws can be recycled and reused to save the earth's resources. Natural organic bamboo is made to ensure that bamboo straws are safe and non-toxic products that are more intimate with the human body. Zero waste straw for children and all adults! Bamboo straws are also heat-resistant, not afraid of hot drinks, and are suitable for a wide range of beverages. The bamboo straw is also very easy to clean, and the cleaning brush can be quickly cleaned.