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Zero waste life

Jul 11, 2019

Recently there is a way of life,

You deserve a try!

It is a "zero waste" life!

Zero waste of life is actually a big part of the time,

They are all refusing to use disposable plastic.

To this end, they used cloth bags and glass bottles instead of plastic bags.

Replace the plastic straw with a stainless steel straw.

Use cooking instead of point takeaway...

Healthy and environmentally friendly!

paper drinking straws

drinking straws

Let us also actively be in our own lives

Make a little change!

Put a disposable plastic straw in your hand,

Change to degradable!

Double child biomass degradable straw!

Made from corn starch.

After using the discard,

Degradable in 45 days under composting conditions!

Let us work together for environmental protection!

eco drinking straws

disposable straws

compostable drinking straws