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Bamboo Furniture Making Process

Oct 20, 2016

Bamboo furniture making process:

1, featured more than 5 years of bamboo, in accordance with the classification of different sizes, and bamboo are generally required to short into the right size for ease of opening, cut made from bamboo, after passing inspection remove the green bamboo and outer, classification of baled, being careful to control the straight.

2, then you want to perform two operations: carbonization and 4.5 hours of cooking for the first time, namely to control the color and anti-moth treatment, for the first time after drying (moisture content control), and then the second time carbonizing, the second drying (in order to control the moisture).

Control size 3, followed by precision plane control for QC color and color schemes, and then after so many bamboo store, glue and hot-pressing (pressure to contain bamboo), then test whether there are defects. Flat-head handle, into a warehouse in good health for some time.

After 4, design furniture, bamboo continues to get started, to warehouse picking, and materials that will be used to prepare, followed by molding of bamboo furniture: open cutting, sanding, drilling, cutting, trimming, hole, assemble Orchid, sampling trial Assembly. Basically a bamboo furniture was initially completed.

5, polished finish. Artificial white embryo first polished, and followed by a primer and primer sanding, after passing the test, and then paint above, note that the process is in line with environmental safety standards, finished basically finished, finally, finished product testing and inspection after packaging, warehouse storage.