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Bamboo Snack Fruit Basket

May 09, 2019

Bamboo snack Fruit Basket -----New product promotion

   Bamboo basket with lid is hand-woven by 100% bamboo strips. The bamboo tray is made of bamboo as the main material. The cane skin is wrapped and fixed, and the weaving is added for simple decoration and simple design. The bottom of the bamboo raft has a small anti-slip design, which makes the customers more safe and secure. The hollow design can speed up the heat dissipation of food and let you enjoy the food as quickly as possible. A bamboo handle is added for easy lifting. This fruit basket is suitable for restaurants, homes and picnic parties. The size of the creative tray is 15*13*20cm, the size is suitable, it is easy to clean and can be reused. It is the preferred tableware for food in the restaurant. Degradable and reusable, cost-effective, creative design adds a sense of life.

   Bamboo gift basket Can be used to hold fruits and snacks. Made of high quality Chinese bamboo, non-cane skin. Premium materials are more durable and the color deepens over time.

  The small bamboo basket can be given as a gift, and can be given to parents, friends and colleagues, the price of bamboo woven baskets, this product received good customer feedback after the launch.