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Creative Compostable Eco-friendly Products

Sep 03, 2019

With the increasing pollution of plastics, people's awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. All over the world, we are making efforts for environmental protection. Let us share with you today, environmental protection ideas from all over the world!

Plastic bags are used in our daily lives. Supermarket shopping and grocery shopping require a large number of plastic bags. After extensive use and disposal of plastic shopping bags after use, the environmental pollution caused by plastic products is also very serious. It is imminent that a natural “package bag” is used in the Thai supermarket! Local people use banana leaves instead of plastic bags, a measure that greatly reduces the use of plastic bags.


Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in life. Water, beverages and other liquids all need a container that can be filled. Therefore, the use of plastic water bottles is also very large, and often throws away after drinking. A Chilean company breaks through ours. Imagine inventing a plastic bag that dissolves in water and can even be soaked up and drunk! You can go out with it later! The outer film can not only be degraded but also edible!


Some beverage brands have also begun to use aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles, and in the future will use a large amount of recyclable materials as beverage containers.