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Home Of Plastic Milk Bottles

Dec 04, 2019

After we drinking up the plastic milk bottle in our daily life, besides discarding it in the trash can, what other role can it play?

After we brainstorming, concluded that plastic bottle products cannot be reused. But recently, a South African company paved about 400 meters of road with about 40,000 plastic milk bottles. This surprised us ,The service life of the plastic road is actually 3 times longer than that of the asphalt road. At the same time, the cost of building the road is also reduced. The benefits of plastic bottle paving are not only that, the most important advantage is that plastic recycling not only reduces the pollution of plastic to the environment, but also reduce the plastic bottles quantity,It reduces the environmental pollution caused by plastic.

Everyone has the responsibility to protect the environment. It is not just a slogan, we shold take action. How to properly handle plastic products becomes very important. Reducing pollution caused by plastics, the most important of which is Reduce the use of plastic products from the source, and use more degradable products. In daily life, starting from the trivial matter of washing your teeth, plastic toothbrushes can be replaced with eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes; plastic packaging boxes can be replaced with biodegradable cornstarch lunch box or sugarcane pulp packaging box; plastic straws are replaced with reusable bamboo straws or stainless steel straws; the use of eco-friendly compostable products has become our habit.


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