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Natural Eco-friendly Biodegradable Wheat Drinking Straw

Aug 27, 2019

The living standards of human beings have been improving, but the global environment is getting worse. Many products that are convenient for us humans have brought a lot of bad effects to the earth's environment. Among them, the pollution of plastic products is the most serious.

Some time ago, scientists even found plastic ingredients in the eggs of the Arctic! On the island of Leopold on the Arctic Circle, plastic ingredients were found in the eggs of birds. Scientists speculate that the plastic component of the bird's egg should be that the fish living in the ocean have eaten some plastic products, and these fish have been preyed by Arctic birds.

The Arctic is an inaccessible area compared to other regions, and scientists have discovered plastic components in the Arctic.The seriousness of the plastic pollution problem can be seen.

Protect the environment, refuse to use disposable plastic straws, and use environmentally friendly straws! It adopts natural biodegradable wheat straw. The straw straw adopts natural straw, which is light and convenient to carry. Natural degradable is a very environmentally friendly straw.

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