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Plastic Bottle Cans For Bus Tickets

Sep 11, 2019

     In order to increase the recycling of waste plastic bottles and reduce the pollution of plastics in urban areas, the Roman public transport system has specially produced intelligent waste plastic bottle recycling bins at the subway stations and stations. The passenger downloads and logs in the mobile application software on the mobile phone, puts the plastic bottle into the machine, scans the code with the mobile phone, and has money to enter the account. The money in the account can only be used to purchase the bus ticket, and each time a plastic bottle is still in use. You can get a five-Euro bonus, you can still get 1.5 Euros for 30 bottles, you can redeem a subway ticket. To protect the environment and reduce plastic pollution, each country takes different measures. For the protection of the environment, the use of plastic products should be reduced at the source, and more environmentally friendly products can be used.


plastic bottle

       Compared with plastic bottles and plastic cups, there are a large number of degradable cups. The bottles can be used instead. Bamboo cups are one of the first environmentally friendly products to replace plastic bottles, PLA coffee cups, cork cups, bamboo fiber cup etc.

Bamboo Shell Glass Bottle For Water

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bamboo fiber coffee cup

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