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RPET From Plastic Bottles

Aug 21, 2019

   How do you deal with plastic bottles after drinking a bottle of drink in your daily life? Do you think that plastic bottles are worthless? And just throw it away everywhere? There is a so-called “plastic doctor” in Indonesia. There is no cost for medical treatment, just plastic bottles are used as medical expenses. The Indonesian doctor’s move is a two-pronged effort to provide poor people with free medical services and to understand the importance of recycling plastic waste, reduce plastic pollution and improve the living environment.

   The recycled plastic bottles can be re-fired to produce a new environmentally friendly degradable material, RPET.

plastic bottle

This new recyclable material can be made into a variety of products, textiles: clothing, carpets, duvets and pillow fillings;Building materials: insulation, flooring; automotive industry: plastic, seat filling; furniture: seats, garbage bins, benches, toys;Non-food grade containers, etc., the following baseball caps are made of this new material, the recycling of plastic bottles, reducing the environmental pollution caused by plastics.

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