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The Advantage Of Bamboo Fiber Pillow

Mar 06, 2018

Bamboo fiber pillow, as a new member of bamboo fiber home products series, are loved by multitudinous consumers because of its special effects, such as moistureproof, moisture absorption, deodorant antibacterial and anti-UV effect

It is a veritable green, environmental protection, low-carbon, creative household products. Using memory foam as pillow interior, bamboo fiber pillows open a new spring of itself.

The semiconductor function of bamboo fiber pillow not only can generate negative ions, but also can promote blood circulation in face, brain, shoulder and neck, improve skin metabolism and help people sleep better.

When using bamboo fiber pillow, place the round side under the neck to keep the head back posture, which is able to ease the strain of the neck muscles and ligaments, but also play the role of neck brace and light traction. It also can reduce the compression of bone hyperplasia to the nerves, and prevent and relieve cervical spondylosis.